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Accounting and Book keeping
We have the skills and technical training to handle the accounting record for individual and corporate organizations. A team of professional bookkeeper working remotely on your bookkeeping to ensure you focus on your business while we focus on your records and take the burden off you.
Business & Individual Tax Preparation
We are your best target in individual and corporate tax strategies. Standing by you to help maximize your tax refund and minimize your personal income tax
Payroll Services
We help our corporate clients prepare their payroll with a variety of payroll software and expertise. We provide payroll services, employee benefits administration and human capital management
IRS Representation
With our clientele base and years of diligent services, we always have your back. Are you having issues with your tax preparation? Are you hiding your face and running away from filing your taxes? We got your back, we can help you straighten out your records and lessen your burden. We help avoid unnecessary issues.
Business Set up & Consulting
We are always here for business owners who have issues with setup and organizing their accounting, payroll and tax reporting systems. We provide consulting services in the field of finance, accounting, taxes, payroll, statutory compliance, and business setup. Driven by our team of talented staff who are geared towards delivering the best to our different client; you are assured of quality professional services.
Insurance Services
We are here to help you make the best of choices out of the various insurance services available in the market. We deal in various kinds of Personal and Commercial insurance services available ranging from Personal ( Life, Auto, Health) and Commercial; here we help you choose the best of service that is relevant to your business because every successful business needs to be insured against probable losses irrespective of how small or big your business empire is. We are committed to giving the best of services to our clients.